Child Custody & Parenting Plans

King County Parenting Plan Attorney

Parenting issues are often the most challenging and emotionally troubling aspects of a divorce proceeding. When the wellbeing and upbringing of your children are in question, the guidance of an experienced Mill Creek, Mountlake Terrace and Lynnwood child custody lawyer can be invaluable in helping you pursue an arrangement that provides a safe and healthy lifestyle for your children, both now and in the future.

At the Law Office of Richard J. Moore, LLC, we understand the concerns and worry often associated with child custody disputes. With more than 30 years of experience and a detailed knowledge of Washington family law. We strive to offer the insightful guidance you need to find resolutions to your child custody concerns in the most favorable and painless manner possible.

Compassionate and Detailed Child Custody Guidance

Our experience and knowledge addressing child custody concerns allow us to offer guidance to clients facing even the most complex and emotionally heated situations. With your best interests and the well-being of your children always in mind, we strive to help you resolve issues relating to your children, including:

  • Parenting plans
  • Visitation schedules
  • Temporary custody
  • Vacation schedules
  • Multistate jurisdiction issues
  • Parenting evaluations
  • Guardian ad litem issues
  • Drug, alcohol and domestic violence issues

Whether you wish to pursue amicable resolutions through mediation or negotiation, or require the intervention of a judge to resolve your dispute, we take great care to shield your children from any unnecessary emotional strain caused by your proceedings while working to help you create the most effective arrangements possible.

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Our staff understands the emotional toll a child custody dispute can have on you and your children and works diligently to help you find the resolutions you need to move forward with your lives. Throughout your proceedings, we take great care to provide the informative and personalized advice you need to make the most educated decisions possible at each step in your process, giving you the power to influence your proceedings in the manner that feels most comfortable.

To discuss your specific child custody concerns, please contact our office online or call 425-482-0700.