Child Support Modification

Washington Parenting Plan Modification Attorney

Our Western Washington family law firm is dedicated to helping people with pre- marriage planning and post-divorce modifications and enforcements. Here, you will find an attorney who addresses your concerns and offers legal advice tailored to your specific needs.

Cohabitation Law

We represent unmarried persons wishing to exercise their rights under Washington's cohabitation law, which refers to the division of assets and liabilities acquired during the course of a marriage-like relationship. To find out more,Contact us.

Western Washington Enforcements and Modifications

We understand how frustrated you may feel when a former spouse neglects a child support order or ignores the terms of a parenting plan. We file contempt motions to enforce child support orders and parenting plans.

In addition, we help with the modification of child support and parenting plans. Modification actions are filed after the final terms of child support or a parenting plan are entered when the divorce or parentage proceeding is finalized. Child support modifications usually arise out of a significant change in circumstances, such as a parent losing a job or periodic adjustments for changes in incomes. The same applies for custody or parenting plan modifications. Changed circumstances including relocations are causes for filing a proceeding to modify a parenting plan.Contact us to find out more.

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