Bothell Family Law Mediation Lawyer

As divorcing couples navigate the legal process, many disputes are resolved through mediation. The process of mediation allows couples to work with their respective lawyers and a neutral mediator to resolve complex matters involving their children, their finances and their property. If you need a skilled Bothell family law mediation attorney, contact our office today.

At The Law Office of Richard J. Moore, LLC, we have more than 30 years of experience guiding clients through these challenging times. Even if both parties are amicable and willing to work together, there are numerous issues that must be resolved. While lawyer Richard J. Moore is not a certified mediator, he is able to represent clients through the process of mediation.

King County Divorce Mediation Attorney

There are countless benefits to resolving disagreements through mediation rather than in court, including:

  • It is less expensive.
  • Disputes can be resolved in less time.
  • There is lower stress in the proceedings.
  • Negotiations are confidential.

Additionally, individuals who worked to develop a compromise are more likely to honor the terms of the agreement. Because couples had the chance to voice their opinions during the mediation process, they have a greater stake in the success of the resolution. Contact a skilled Washington settlement agreement lawyer today.

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