Bothell Property Division Lawyer

In today's unstable economy, the equitable division of assets and debts is a high priority in many marriages. You need a skilled Washington lawyer to guide you through this process and ensure that you are treated fairly.

If you need an experienced Bothell property division attorney, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation at The Law Office of Richard J. Moore, LLC. We have extensive experience in handling cases involving real estate issues and settlement agreement issues. Whether we need to trace separate property or uncover hidden assets, clients trust our tenacity and our legal insight.

King County Division Of Assets Attorney

At The Law Office of Richard J. Moore, LLC, we work with business valuators, appraisers and certified public accountants (CPAs) to ensure that the values of the different properties are accurate. As Washington is a community property state, it is important to gain a clear picture of marital assets and non-marital assets.

Property division can cover a wide range of items, including:

  • Small-business division
  • Family home division
  • Retirement account division
  • Motor vehicle division

Whether you are considering divorce or you have received divorce papers from your spouse, it is crucial that you act quickly and protect yourself. We will keep your best interests as our priority from start to finish in your divorce proceeding. Do not hesitate to contact our office for a confidential consultation.

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If you have questions regarding property division, schedule a consultation at The Law Office of Richard J. Moore, LLC. We can be reached at 425-482-0700 or through our online contact form. Our firm accepts most major credit cards for payment of services.