Settlement Agreement Issues

A settlement agreement forms the foundation of a divorce order. If the marital settlement agreement is incomplete or does not effectively resolve disputes, there might be more challenges in the years following a divorce.

At The Law Office of Richard J. Moore, LLC, we strive to resolve all settlement agreement issues through mediation. This gives both parties and their lawyers a chance to work toward a compromise with the guidance of a neutral mediator. If you have specific questions about your unique situation or about the Civil Rule 2A Agreement (CR 2A), do not hesitate to schedule a confidential consultation at our Bothell, Washington, office.

King County Divorce Settlement Attorney

Once hired, we will first complete thorough research to attain the information necessary to make an educated proposal based on our client's finances and his or her goals for the settlement. Our goal would be to work through direct negotiations or through divorce mediation to develop a written, binding settlement agreement, known as a CR 2A. This settlement agreement will address issues such as property division, child custody and spousal maintenance. Once those agreements are signed, we can move forward with the decree of dissolution, QDRO or support order.

Our firm does not practice collaborative law, but we are agreement-oriented. Both parties are often happy when they have agreed to a compromise rather than have the issue adjudicated. Divorcing couples have the opportunity to control their own finances and control their own lives.

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If you have questions regarding settlement agreement issues, schedule a consultation at The Law Office of Richard J. Moore, LLC. We can be reached at 425-482-0700 or through our online contact form. Our firm accepts most major credit cards for payment of services.